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Was Brexit good or bad for Britain?


I get asked this question a lot! I think Brexit was a good thing for Britain as real wages have risen for workers across the country. Unfortunately this contributed to inflation, negating some of the benefit of increased wages. Where the Government failed abysmally was to come up with an immigration system that allowed workers to come from anywhere in the world . That system would have been fairer than just allowing Europeans to come here to work which is inherently unfair and not fit for purpose. A European from an EU country could get here with a criminal record and [...]

Was Brexit good or bad for Britain?2024-05-01T15:03:34+01:00

What makes a good van driver?


Van drivers get a bad rap. Sometimes deservedly so, sometimes not. So what makes a good driver? A good driver remembers he or she is a representative of the Company who are delivering the goods and also a representative of the Company where someone spent their hard earned cash. So a courteous manner, tidy appearance and a careful driving style all add up to make a driver the perfect corporate ambassador on your doorstep. The driver who tears around a housing estate scattering pedestrians in their path is not good! Plan your route, ask your colleagues if they have anything to [...]

What makes a good van driver?2024-04-15T08:21:12+01:00

Forklift driving – Jobs and Training


What training is required for a Forklift Driver? Forklift Truck Driver Training is a specialised course carried out either in a training centre’s own premises (typically a mocked-up warehouse with racking and pallets to move around) or carried out on a client’s premises. The training course for most forklift types would typically be 3-5 days long depending on truck type and the number of delegates. Annual refresher training is generally required. Forklift driving is relatively straightforward but useful qualities are – spatial awareness, good hand-to-eye co-ordination, safety consciousness, physical fitness and good concentration. What are the different types of Forklift? [...]

Forklift driving – Jobs and Training2024-03-26T13:04:43+00:00

Government publishes Statutory Code of Practice governing fire and rehire


Employers sometimes try to enforce contractual amendments on their workforce by using a “fire and rehire” strategy – terminating employment and offering to hire staff back on the new terms. A new Statutory Code of Practice regulating this practice will come into force later this year. In this briefing, we look at the new Code and what it means for employers.    

Government publishes Statutory Code of Practice governing fire and rehire2024-03-12T09:51:35+00:00

The Benefits of Manual Work


Why might a manual job may be better choice than an office job? Think about it, most jobs can be outsourced to another country with lower wage costs these days. If you work in a bank, as an accountant, a call centre operative or in sales your duties can and are being done overseas for less money. If you do manual work then your job cannot be ‘outsourced’. If, for example, you cut hair, drive a truck, sort parcels, build houses or do physiotherapy then your role can’t be done abroad where costs are lower and more labour is available. For [...]

The Benefits of Manual Work2024-03-12T09:52:00+00:00

Union Wins Unfair Dismissal Case for Care Worker


A care worker has been awarded damages at an employment tribunal after he was dismissed for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine. A judge has ruled that Maurice Trotman was unfairly dismissed against his former employer, The Royal Star & Garter Homes, after his union, The Workers of England Union (WEU), successfully argued that official COVID-19 regulations were never in force when he was fired. Read more

Union Wins Unfair Dismissal Case for Care Worker2023-12-14T21:15:52+00:00



17th June 2022 RS GROUP TODAY Latest news and bulletin updates Issue #1 Welcoming a New Trainer! We’d like to welcome a new addition to our sister company RS Training. Betsy Bebbington will be looking to follow in the steps of Chris in training the future of LGV drivers. Betsy is an experienced C+E driver and will be looking to assist Chris, offering crucial support due to the continued growth of the business. A loyal driver with Recruitment Solutions for 2+ years, Betsy is highly regarded [...]

RS GROUP TODAY – Issue 12022-06-21T08:27:28+01:00

Guaranteed Wage Scheme


Benefits of the scheme: A present and agreed minimum weekly wage Ability to earn over your guaranteed wage (i.e Overtime etc) but never under. Recruitment Solutions Uniform provided Retained Worker Agreement Weekly Pay Holiday pay Training/Upskilling free/reduced cost with our company trainer. If you feel this scheme could work for you and you would like to sign up, please either call 01392 430800 and speak to a member of the team or send us a message.

Guaranteed Wage Scheme2022-04-14T13:52:29+01:00

5 Reasons To Choose A Driving Job


5 Reasons To Choose A Driving Job There are many driving jobs for those looking to get back into work or simply fancy a change of career. If you are not sure if a driving job is the right career choice for you, take a look at the top 5 reasons to why choosing a driving job is ideal. Flexible Hours If you are someone who does not like to be tied down to a 9-5 job, a driving role can be the perfect career choice. There will be some companies that require you to work during normal office hours, [...]

5 Reasons To Choose A Driving Job2022-03-19T22:16:29+00:00
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