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How will the general election effect the job market?


So the UK faces a General Election on July the 4th. How will the looming election effect the labour market? How could different results effect the labour market in the longer term? Short term a lot of businesses are pausing hiring and taking a cautious, ‘wait and see’ approach. Sometimes this is good for the temp market as staff are still needed by employers but not on permanent contracts. It’s an unusual election in my opinion. It’s almost as if the Conservative Party want to hand the keys to 10 Downing Street on to Kier Starmer. Rishi Sunak, the multi-millionaire who [...]

How will the general election effect the job market?2024-06-26T13:39:47+01:00

Did Lockdown Damage Equality?


This is an interesting article I came across today, do you think women have taken a hit to their earnings since the dark days of Government imposed ‘lockdowns’? Is this another negative thing about covid restrictions that hasn’t been discussed?

Did Lockdown Damage Equality?2024-05-31T09:37:38+01:00

Benefits of Agency Work


Agency work is a great way to start your working life. Often agency work is manual and repetitive but a lot of great careers (and businesses) were born from working with an agency on temporary assignments. When I was at school the teachers (and parents!) generally tried to steer you towards a job that didn’t involve using your hands except maybe your fingers on a keyboard and a pen. The building for naughty kids was even right next door to the woodwork and metal work shop. What message did that send?! Well it’s 2024 and your IT or call centre job [...]

Benefits of Agency Work2024-05-20T21:08:10+01:00

Was Brexit good or bad for Britain?


I get asked this question a lot! I think Brexit was a good thing for Britain as real wages have risen for workers across the country. Unfortunately this contributed to inflation, negating some of the benefit of increased wages. Where the Government failed abysmally was to come up with an immigration system that allowed workers to come from anywhere in the world . That system would have been fairer than just allowing Europeans to come here to work which is inherently unfair and not fit for purpose. A European from an EU country could get here with a criminal record and [...]

Was Brexit good or bad for Britain?2024-05-20T21:08:31+01:00

What makes a good van driver?


Van drivers get a bad rap. Sometimes deservedly so, sometimes not. So what makes a good driver? A good driver remembers he or she is a representative of the Company who are delivering the goods and also a representative of the Company where someone spent their hard earned cash. So a courteous manner, tidy appearance and a careful driving style all add up to make a driver the perfect corporate ambassador on your doorstep. The driver who tears around a housing estate scattering pedestrians in their path is not good! Plan your route, ask your colleagues if they have anything to [...]

What makes a good van driver?2024-05-20T21:08:22+01:00

Hard work is easy if you set the right goals


Over the years I have done a lot of goal-setting, read a lot of books, been on training courses, met Tony Robbins for a seminar and generally tried to improve myself by learning from the experts. An old boss of mine taught me the value of setting big goals that align with your beliefs on the training courses we were sent on. We all thought it was a bit wacky but now when I look back I really appreciated what we were given by those training courses. If your goals are big enough and aligned with what you want then you [...]

Hard work is easy if you set the right goals2024-03-19T20:37:01+00:00
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