Agency work is a great way to start your working life. Often agency work is manual and repetitive but a lot of great careers (and businesses) were born from working with an agency on temporary assignments.

When I was at school the teachers (and parents!) generally tried to steer you towards a job that didn’t involve using your hands except maybe your fingers on a keyboard and a pen. The building for naughty kids was even right next door to the woodwork and metal work shop. What message did that send?!

Well it’s 2024 and your IT or call centre job can be outsourced to The Philippines to save your multi-national employer some unnecessary expense. Now your mate who cuts hair, lays bricks, works on a farm etc doesn’t look so dim does he, his job can’t so easily be moved abroad?!

The world is changing fast and we have to keep up. Even a job in a bank ‘a nice safe job’, that would in the past have seen you through from sixteen to sixty-five isn’t so safe any more as the Elite try to remove cash and march us towards a digital utopia (don’t get me started on the importance of using cash and boycotting places that refuse to accept it!).

So when you’re thinking of careers, don’t discount the manual trades, they could be a safer bet for the long term and more satisfying as well! Starting these jobs as an agency worker gives you flexibility without long term commitment so can be an ideal way of testing a career out before commercial permanently. Apprenticeships are a work way to ‘earn while you learn’ and are not just for youngsters any more!