Summer jobs are not just for students but most people who work hard through the summer months are doing so to top up their bank balances to see them through School, College or University with less financial distress.

There are so many opportunities for seasonal work, especially in the South West where we have a booming tourism sector.

Your summer job could be cutting grass for the local Council, stacking shelves in a supermarket, working as a Lifeguard on a Holiday Park, working as a barista, office admin, bar work…..the list is endless!!

The benefit of these kind of jobs is not just the money you make, it’s the experience of getting into a working routine, whether it’s manual work, or other roles. These jobs look great on your CV and your colleagues may become great friends. Getting out of your social ‘comfort zone’ is good, especially if all your friends are in your ‘Year Group’ in education which is, after all, a very arbitrary way to decide who you should hang out with. You’ll also gain experience working with a diverse range of people in different environments which may guide you towards a career you haven’t previously considered. Or teach you some you want to avoid!

Recruitment Agencies are a great resource to use to get a seasonal job. Agencies will usually have a choice of vacancies and if one doesn’t suit then as long as you have been reliable and communicative then they can usually move you to another vacancy if required. They will pay you reliably and your pay will be topped-up by more than 12% in Holiday Pay.

At Recruitment Solutions our pay rates start at the National Living Wage (currently £11.44 an hour) even if you’re between 18-21 – this is much higher than many other seasonal jobs you might pick up. You could earn more money in fewer hours or bank extra cash to tide you through the term. Drop us a message or give us a call if you’re interested in earning some extra cash over the summer break, we’ve got a variety of roles to suit different schedules and skills.

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