I get asked this question a lot!

I think Brexit was a good thing for Britain as real wages have risen for workers across the country. Unfortunately this contributed to inflation, negating some of the benefit of increased wages. Where the Government failed abysmally was to come up with an immigration system that allowed workers to come from anywhere in the world . That system would have been fairer than just allowing Europeans to come here to work which is inherently unfair and not fit for purpose. A European from an EU country could get here with a criminal record and medical issues with no problem but a Doctor from elsewhere had a lot of hoops to jump through. That’s wrong and doesn’t help fill vacancies here in the UK. So we never got the much discussed ‘Points-based Australian style immigration system’ that was promised.

What was bad for Britain was the outrageous attempts to overturn the 2016 referendum, this made our country look like a Third-World nation instead of the seat of democracy. Democracy is precious and must be respected and preserved at all costs.

So, in my opinion, and it’s just an opinion, Brexit was a good thing to do and saves us Millions of Pounds that went to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. The less layers of Government we have the better! Great Britain is a free and sovereign nation and should make it’s own rules. But we need a good system for migrant workers to come here, a system that is fair to British Citizens, fair to migrants from all across the globe. Above all, the system needs bring in quality people with the skills that are in short supply.