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Forklift driving – Jobs and Training


What training is required for a Forklift Driver? Forklift Truck Driver Training is a specialised course carried out either in a training centre’s own premises (typically a mocked-up warehouse with racking and pallets to move around) or carried out on a client’s premises. The training course for most forklift types would typically be 3-5 days long depending on truck type and the number of delegates. Annual refresher training is generally required. Forklift driving is relatively straightforward but useful qualities are – spatial awareness, good hand-to-eye co-ordination, safety consciousness, physical fitness and good concentration. What are the different types of Forklift? [...]

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Government publishes Statutory Code of Practice governing fire and rehire


Employers sometimes try to enforce contractual amendments on their workforce by using a “fire and rehire” strategy – terminating employment and offering to hire staff back on the new terms. A new Statutory Code of Practice regulating this practice will come into force later this year. In this briefing, we look at the new Code and what it means for employers.    

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The Benefits of Manual Work


Why might a manual job may be better choice than an office job? Think about it, most jobs can be outsourced to another country with lower wage costs these days. If you work in a bank, as an accountant, a call centre operative or in sales your duties can and are being done overseas for less money. If you do manual work then your job cannot be ‘outsourced’. If, for example, you cut hair, drive a truck, sort parcels, build houses or do physiotherapy then your role can’t be done abroad where costs are lower and more labour is available. For [...]

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14th November 2023 RS GROUP TODAY Latest News and Bulletin Updates Issue #8 Impersonation Fraud On The Rise in the Recruitment Industry A recent survey by Natwest has estimated that almost three-quarters of people have been targeted by scams in the past year. Furthermore, 80% said that it is becoming increasingly harder to spot impersonation fraud and are worried that this will get worse in the future due to the rise in artificial intelligence. Recruitment agencies are the latest to be targeted with scammers posing as [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Being a Driver’s Mate


Everything You Need to Know About Being a Driver's Mate What does a Driver’s Mate do? A driver’s mate assists a driver with loading and unloading deliveries. This can be either short- or long-distance journeys depending on the company that you are working with. The typical responsibilities of a driver’s mate include: Loading the vehicle in an appropriate manner (depending on order of delivery etc.) Examine the vehicle before starting the journey and make sure that the load is safely stored Communicate with customers to confirm delivery times Help to navigate and advise the driver [...]

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10th July 2023 RS GROUP TODAY Latest News and Bulletin Updates Issue #7 Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective delivery partner? RS Logistics could be the right choice for you and your business! Nationwide coverage Wide range of vehicles to suit your needs, from SWB to Luton Vans. Guaranteed same-day delivery available. No hidden charges – what we quote is what you pay! Our experience staff will make it an easy process for you. Interested? Visit our website at or give us a [...]

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UK Recruitment Outlook – May 2023


UK Recruitment Outlook - May 2023 As the UK struggles with minimum economic growth, new research by KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation suggests that hiring processes have started to slow down in the months leading up to May, with permanent job vacancies being the most affected. Respondents have mentioned that candidate shortages may have contributed to this slowdown. In the month of May, there has been a reduction in the candidate supply, most notably for temporary workers as more workers search for long-term placements. Notably, demand for short-term staff has increased, but at [...]

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How is the UK Job Market Evolving in 2023?


How is the UK job market evolving in 2023? 2023 started off on a high note for those looking for work with high numbers of job vacancies and low levels of unemployment. However, this intensified the labour shortage which had already been worsening since Brexit and the Covid pandemic. Now, in April 2023, the UK is experiencing a shift in the job market as vacancies fall and unemployment starts to rise. Between December and February, there are approximately 220,000 more people seeking employment than the three months prior. An explanation for this increase could be [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Warehouse Role


4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Warehouse Role Have you been thinking about applying for a warehouse role? We have rounded up 4 reasons why a warehouse role could be a great choice for you! It’s a good foot in the door. Most warehouse roles do not require specific skills, but there are often plenty of opportunities to advance and upskill. These advancement opportunities can include forklift or machine operation skills, which can in turn lead to higher-paid roles. Furthermore, depending on your skill set and interests, there could be the opportunity to advance [...]

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