What training is required for a Forklift Driver?

Forklift Truck Driver Training is a specialised course carried out either in a training centre’s own premises (typically a mocked-up warehouse with racking and pallets to move around) or carried out on a client’s premises.

The training course for most forklift types would typically be 3-5 days long depending on truck type and the number of delegates.

Annual refresher training is generally required.

Forklift driving is relatively straightforward but useful qualities are – spatial awareness, good hand-to-eye co-ordination, safety consciousness, physical fitness and good concentration.

What are the different types of Forklift?

There are various different types of forklift truck including:

  • Counterbalance (the truck has a weight to balance the mass of the load)
  • Reach trucks (for complex material handling in warehouse environments)
  • Side-Loaders and also Telehandlers (the latter is often used on building sites).

How much does a Forklift Driver Earn?

People often ask this – the answer to this question varies. Typical salaries would be between £18k per year and £30k for a skilled operative. Work as a forklift driver may also encompass general warehouse duties, stock control and order picking. Not many forklift driver roles are exclusively driving a forklift for an entire shift. Jobs may involve working ‘unsociable hours’ including early and late shifts and weekends depending on the type of employer.

Forklift Driving Jobs

Recruitment Solutions offer Forklift Training to Companies and individuals. We regularly have jobs for forklift drivers available. So, if you are looking for work, are an applicant looking for training or an employer looking for staff or training, please give Recruitment Solutions a call on 01392 430800.