So the UK faces a General Election on July the 4th. How will the looming election effect the labour market? How could different results effect the labour market in the longer term?

Short term a lot of businesses are pausing hiring and taking a cautious, ‘wait and see’ approach. Sometimes this is good for the temp market as staff are still needed by employers but not on permanent contracts.

It’s an unusual election in my opinion. It’s almost as if the Conservative Party want to hand the keys to 10 Downing Street on to Kier Starmer. Rishi Sunak, the multi-millionaire who is deeply out of touch with the vast majority of the population is unpopular. His government has failed to curb illegal migration (the fake Rwanda plan is just that, an exercise in ‘smoke and mirrors’ and it will never operate effectively and wasn’t designed to). Starmer is dogged by his connections to unsavoury characters from the past and he appears to have all the qualities of a weak leader. The Labour Party is no longer the party of the working person, it’s a broken lefty organisation infected with wokeism. So, will Farage have a seat in Parliament and will Reform be part of a coalition? Who knows and we will see in a couple of weeks!

If Labour get into power there is a risk that their Public Spending will result in another boost to inflation, slowing the much needed cuts in interest rates and curbing growth and opportunity. Starmer’s promise to outlaw ‘Zero Hours Contracts’ will probably fuel inflation.

If Reform have much of a say in a new Government we will probably never get a sensible, fair, points-based immigration system which will stifle growth through a reduction in much needed workers from overseas. Saying that, the other two parties don’t seem to have plans for such a system either.

If the Tories get in then their half-baked plans for National Service (a gross violation of Human Rights in my opinion) will tighten the labour market. I think this policy alone will give them a terrible election result.

Let’s hope for common sense on ‘Net Zero’, another half-baked plan to solve a problem which isn’t really there. I’ll vote for whoever promises to fix the potholes in our roads and nobody has mentioned that as a manifesto promise yet to my knowledge!!

– Steve Williams