Over the years I have done a lot of goal-setting, read a lot of books, been on training courses, met Tony Robbins for a seminar and generally tried to improve myself by learning from the experts.

An old boss of mine taught me the value of setting big goals that align with your beliefs on the training courses we were sent on. We all thought it was a bit wacky but now when I look back I really appreciated what we were given by those training courses. If your goals are big enough and aligned with what you want then you will get to them if you put the effort in every week.

As Recruitment Solutions approaches 25 years of trading I often think back to the struggles of the early years in a rented basement office in Queen Street. One thing I learned even before starting out on my own is that you don’t achieve much success by working 9 to 5. Some people can do it but I can’t, if a job or a business becomes your passion then you are constantly thinking about it, planning, making calls, writing notes or  having ideas. If you enjoy what you do and have goals that inspire and motivate you then this doesn’t feel like work, it feels like fun and the hardest work becomes easy!

Does this mean you have to be self-employed to be happy? No, lots of employed people are happy, healthy and have money in the bank. Some might be working for an employer just to get started in a career before venturing out on their own, others are happy and very comfortable as employees. Financially you can be very successful on a relatively low income by setting yourself goals and targets and making good investments.

Goals can be magical and don’t have to be just about finance. You can set yourself a goal to run a marathon, lift a certain weight in the gym, go on holiday, lose weight, be healthy – whatever it is  you want from life a bit of goal-setting is a sure-fire of improving your odds of getting what you desire! Remember, as someone said to me recently, ‘we are here for a good time, not for a long time’.

So set some goals and I promise having them in mind will be make the hardest work a bit easier!

Steve Williams