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105, 2024

Was Brexit good or bad for Britain?


I get asked this question a lot! I think Brexit was a good thing for Britain as real wages have risen for workers across the country. Unfortunately this contributed to inflation, negating some of the benefit of increased wages. Where the Government failed abysmally was to come up with an immigration system that allowed workers to come from anywhere in the world . That system would have been fairer than [...]

1504, 2024

What makes a good van driver?


Van drivers get a bad rap. Sometimes deservedly so, sometimes not. So what makes a good driver? A good driver remembers he or she is a representative of the Company who are delivering the goods and also a representative of the Company where someone spent their hard earned cash. So a courteous manner, tidy appearance and a careful driving style all add up to make a driver the perfect corporate [...]

1903, 2024

Hard work is easy if you set the right goals


Over the years I have done a lot of goal-setting, read a lot of books, been on training courses, met Tony Robbins for a seminar and generally tried to improve myself by learning from the experts. An old boss of mine taught me the value of setting big goals that align with your beliefs on the training courses we were sent on. We all thought it was a bit wacky [...]

1203, 2024

Forklift driving – Jobs and Training


What training is required for a Forklift Driver? Forklift Truck Driver Training is a specialised course carried out either in a training centre’s own premises (typically a mocked-up warehouse with racking and pallets to move around) or carried out on a client’s premises. The training course for most forklift types would typically be 3-5 days long depending on truck type and the number of delegates. Annual refresher training is [...]

903, 2024

Government publishes Statutory Code of Practice governing fire and rehire


Employers sometimes try to enforce contractual amendments on their workforce by using a “fire and rehire” strategy – terminating employment and offering to hire staff back on the new terms. A new Statutory Code of Practice regulating this practice will come into force later this year. In this briefing, we look at the new Code and what it means for employers.    

403, 2024

The Benefits of Manual Work


Why might a manual job may be better choice than an office job? Think about it, most jobs can be outsourced to another country with lower wage costs these days. If you work in a bank, as an accountant, a call centre operative or in sales your duties can and are being done overseas for less money. If you do manual work then your job cannot be ‘outsourced’. If, for [...]

1412, 2023

Union Wins Unfair Dismissal Case for Care Worker


A care worker has been awarded damages at an employment tribunal after he was dismissed for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine. A judge has ruled that Maurice Trotman was unfairly dismissed against his former employer, The Royal Star & Garter Homes, after his union, The Workers of England Union (WEU), successfully argued that official COVID-19 regulations were never in force when he was fired. Read more

1411, 2023



14th November 2023 RS GROUP TODAY Latest News and Bulletin Updates Issue #8 Impersonation Fraud On The Rise in the Recruitment Industry A recent survey by Natwest has estimated that almost three-quarters of people have been targeted by scams in the past year. Furthermore, 80% said that it is becoming increasingly harder to spot impersonation [...]

2508, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Driver’s Mate


Everything You Need to Know About Being a Driver's Mate What does a Driver’s Mate do? A driver’s mate assists a driver with loading and unloading deliveries. This can be either short- or long-distance journeys depending on the company that you are working with. The typical responsibilities of a driver’s mate include: Loading the vehicle in an appropriate manner (depending on order of delivery [...]

1407, 2023



10th July 2023 RS GROUP TODAY Latest News and Bulletin Updates Issue #7 Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective delivery partner? RS Logistics could be the right choice for you and your business! Nationwide coverage Wide range of vehicles to suit your needs, from SWB to Luton Vans. Guaranteed same-day delivery available. No [...]

1905, 2023

UK Recruitment Outlook – May 2023


UK Recruitment Outlook - May 2023 As the UK struggles with minimum economic growth, new research by KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation suggests that hiring processes have started to slow down in the months leading up to May, with permanent job vacancies being the most affected. Respondents have mentioned that candidate shortages may have contributed to this slowdown. In the month of [...]

2604, 2023

How is the UK Job Market Evolving in 2023?


How is the UK job market evolving in 2023? 2023 started off on a high note for those looking for work with high numbers of job vacancies and low levels of unemployment. However, this intensified the labour shortage which had already been worsening since Brexit and the Covid pandemic. Now, in April 2023, the UK is experiencing a shift in the job market as [...]

304, 2023

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Warehouse Role


4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Warehouse Role Have you been thinking about applying for a warehouse role? We have rounded up 4 reasons why a warehouse role could be a great choice for you! It’s a good foot in the door. Most warehouse roles do not require specific skills, but there are often plenty of opportunities to advance and upskill. These advancement [...]

1502, 2023

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Cleaning Role


4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Cleaning Role The cleaning industry is an increasingly important industry, which has seen demand skyrocket since the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is no surprise that more people are thinking about getting involved in this industry! If you have been considering a cleaning job, here are 4 reasons why it could be for you! Most cleaning companies offer great flexibility, especially [...]

1601, 2023

How Will a Recession Affect Recruitment?


How Will a Recession Affect Recruitment? In May 2022, the Bank of England put out a warning about a potential oncoming recession, predicting that GDP would fall throughout 2023 and inflation would continue to exceed the 2% target. This situation is calling people to question what the future of recruitment is if a recession does take hold. In this article, we will analyse how a potential recession [...]

1912, 2022

Recruitment Trend Predictions for 2023


Recruitment Trend Predictions for 2023 As we come to the end of 2022, employers need to start thinking about the structure of roles and the workplace in 2023. The UK currently has a low unemployment rate of about 3.5%, but the UK economy is also struggling to stabilise, which could pose a problem in the new year. If you are looking for a job or hiring for [...]

912, 2022



9th December 2022 RS GROUP TODAY Latest News and Bulletin Updates Issue #6 Do you want to earn some extra money for Christmas? Recruitment Solutions have plenty of opportunities available in a variety of industries for you, including: Warehouse/Industrial Roles Van or LGV Roles And many more… To learn more, please visit our website at [...]

2411, 2022

RS Group Today: Issue 5


17th November 2022 RS GROUP TODAY Latest News and Bulletin Updates Issue #5 We are Hiring Van Drivers to join the RS Logistics Team! RS Logistics is hiring Van Drivers to join their growing team! Employed/Self-Employed Basis Immediate Start Van and Insurance Provided if needed If you are interested in this opportunity, give us a [...]

2110, 2022

Could Rising Inflation Mark the Beginning of a New Rush for Temporary Work?


Could Rising Inflation Mark the Beginning of a New Rush for Temporary Work? Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggests that the number of temporary workers has fallen by 2.3% in the months between June and August 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. In June-August 2022, there were 1.65 million temporary workers in the UK. However, could rising inflation mark the beginning [...]

1008, 2022

RS Group Today – Issue 4


27th July 2022 RS GROUP TODAY Latest News and Bulletin Updates Issue #4 Are you a van driver who would like to join our growing team at RS Logistics? RS Logistics is looking for van drivers to join their fast-growing team. Employed/Self-Employed Basis Immediate Start Available Van and Insurance Can Be Provided If Required [...]

308, 2022

My Internship Story


My Internship Story My name is Ellisha Wright and I have been working as a Summer Intern at Recruitment Solutions. In May, I was looking for a temporary job for my summer break. While I was expecting to end up working in a retail job as I had in previous years, I stumbled across an advert on Indeed for a Summer Intern role at Recruitment Solutions and [...]

2807, 2022

We are Hiring: Van Drivers


We are looking for Van Drivers for our growing team at RS Logistics. This will be on an employed/self-employed basis. There is the opportunity for an immediate start. Van and insurance will be provided if required. If you are interested in this opportunity, email or call us on 01392 430800.

2007, 2022



20th July 2022 RS GROUP TODAY Latest News and Bulletin Updates Issue #3 We are looking for a C+E Driver Trainer! Due to continuous business growth, we are looking for another C+E Driver Trainer to join our fast-growing team. We are looking for someone who has/is: A Cat C+E Licence with at least 3 years [...]

1507, 2022

How to Make the Most of a Temporary Role


How to Make the Most of a Temporary Role Put in the same effort that you would with a permanent role. Arrive on time for each shift and demonstrate willingness to work hard and learn. Try to develop new skills by learning new systems or technologies. Use it as an opportunity to network with contacts who could help you get a permanent position in the future. [...]

2906, 2022

The Rise of Temporary Workers?


According to ONS Data, there has been an unprecedented number of vacancies between February and April 2022. There are now more jobs than unemployed people in the UK! There is a lack of resources across all sectors, and many employers are using temporary workers to fill these gaps. According to Bullhorn data, there has been increased reliance on the temporary workforce. The demand for contract workers rose by 2% at [...]

2406, 2022

4 Reasons to Use Recruitment Solutions to Find a Job


If you are considering using Recruitment Solutions to find a job, take a look at the 4 top reasons why using Recruitment Solutions could be right for you.1. Finding a job takes a lot of time. If you use Recruitment Solutions, it is our job to match you to suitable positions, which will save you time!2. Recruitment Solutions has a large, established network and strong connections with many local employers [...]

305, 2022

Northampton V ECFC Review


A challenging 'away day' for ECFC, as the Grecians top League 2 courtesy of super-sub Nombe! The previous encounter between the two teams resulted in Exeter falling to a 2-1 defeat in early December. Exeter supporters knew it would be a difficult task following on from the celebrations on Tuesday nights win against Barrow clinching their promotion to League 1 for the first time in 10 years. City were desperate [...]

1304, 2022

Guaranteed Wage Scheme


Benefits of the scheme: A present and agreed minimum weekly wage Ability to earn over your guaranteed wage (i.e Overtime etc) but never under. Recruitment Solutions Uniform provided Retained Worker Agreement Weekly Pay Holiday pay Training/Upskilling free/reduced cost with our company trainer. If you feel this scheme could work for you and you would like to sign up, please either call 01392 430800 and speak to a member of the [...]

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