17th June 2022


Latest news and bulletin updates

Issue #1

Welcoming a New Trainer!

We’d like to welcome a new addition to our sister company RS Training.

Betsy Bebbington will be looking to follow in the steps of Chris in training the future of LGV drivers.
Betsy is an experienced C+E driver and will be looking to assist Chris, offering crucial support due to the continued growth of the business.

A loyal driver with Recruitment Solutions for 2+ years, Betsy is highly regarded by both clients and all the RS team.

This is an extremely exciting new chapter in her career, and we are confident she will add strength and depth to the business and assist in it’s continued growth.

Welcome Betsy to RS Training and we look forward to all your forthcoming success in ‘training tomorrows talent, today’!

RS Training Lorry

Our Training Manager Chris Pooley training more future talent!


Continuously Rising Fuel Costs!

The cost to fill a family car now stands at about £103 for petrol and £106 for diesel.

The war in Ukraine is being blamed by the Government and moves to reduce dependence on Russian oil have helped drive up fuel prices, putting households under pressure as other cost of living prices continue to rise!

The average petrol price is now 186.59p per litre, with diesel at 192.48p! It is said the price of the barrel is currently £ 96.00. However, in June 2008 the price of a barrel was £109.00! BUT petrol then was £1.19 per litre! Makes sense to me!

The Government have announced that they will be giving cost of living payments to UK citizens.

The first of two payments to help the poorest households with the cost of living will hit people’s bank accounts from 14 July.

More than 8,000,000 homes on benefits will receive £326 by the end of July, with a second payment of £324, hitting the accounts around the end of Autumn.

This is part of a £37 billion government package to help families as energy, food and fuel bills soar.


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Free Training Opportunities!

Remember, we offer FREE training opportunities. From FLT to LGV.

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