14th November 2023


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Issue #8

Impersonation Fraud On The Rise in the Recruitment Industry

A recent survey by Natwest has estimated that almost three-quarters of people have been targeted by scams in the past year. Furthermore, 80% said that it is becoming increasingly harder to spot impersonation fraud and are worried that this will get worse in the future due to the rise in artificial intelligence.

Recruitment agencies are the latest to be targeted with scammers posing as consultants in order to get money or personal financial information out of the candidates. These scammers are using fake profiles and are often using details and photos from the targeted agency’s social media or website. They are using a variety of methods, including WhatsApp, email, and text.

Companies should continue to spread awareness of these scams in order to protect their customers and maintain privacy.

Challenges Facing the UK Job Market

The past two years have seen an incredibly active labour market, partly fuelled by the “great resignation”, when a large number of workers resigned during the pandemic. This caused an intense. However, as the UK labour market starts to cool down, recruiters across the country are facing a variety of problems:

  1. Lack of candidates

A study by Gartner recently found that more than a third of job hunters had received, on average, four job offers during their search. Regardless of having accepted an offer, many candidates also stated that they would be open to rival offers.

  1. Increased expectations

Applicants also have higher expectations for their next role, which can create difficulties for companies who may need to increase their offer to be competitive. Not only are they looking for salary, but they are also looking for career progression, work-life balance, and potential remote working opportunities, among other things.

  1. Increasing inflation

Although companies continue to increase their pay rates to combat cost of living, salary dissatisfaction remains high. This is creating problems for some recruiters who are struggling to meet these expectations.

Nevertheless, there are a few areas where recruitment continues to thrive, notably tech and artificial intelligence-related jobs, including those in engineering and analytics. While companies intend to hire less people in the near future, competition for staff still remains strong and shortages still exist across a variety of industries.

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