Why might a manual job may be better choice than an office job?

Think about it, most jobs can be outsourced to another country with lower wage costs these days. If you work in a bank, as an accountant, a call centre operative or in sales your duties can and are being done overseas for less money.

If you do manual work then your job cannot be ‘outsourced’. If, for example, you cut hair, drive a truck, sort parcels, build houses or do physiotherapy then your role can’t be done abroad where costs are lower and more labour is available.

For a long time in the UK physical work has been seen as less well paid than office jobs as well as having lower social status. There is still a perceived divide between ‘white collar’ workers and ‘blue collar’ workers though I know some plumbers who earn twice as much as the average bank manager!

Schools have tended to shy away from teaching anything physical because it costs a lot of money to set up a metalwork or woodwork shop. Teaching staff are hard to come by for these subjects as well.

At my Secondary School the Design and Technology block (woodwork and metal work) adjoined the building where the ‘naughty kids’ were sent. This gave the impression that manual labour was for people who had ‘failed’ academically. I consider myself reasonably clever but I have no idea how anyone can fit a window, ink a tattoo, build a wall, do assembly-line work or create a beautiful garden! I have the greatest respect for anyone who can do those things.

Some manual jobs are just repetitive. The trick then is to make them fun by setting yourself targets, having a laugh, contemplating the universe, and planning what you will do next! It has never ceased to fascinate me in my 35 years in the Recruitment industry how many very clever people do manual work as a stop-gap or as a permanent full-time job.

Don’t dismiss manual work as a career, it can be good for your pocket and good for the soul!

We have a range of manual job roles available to book – full time to part time, avoiding school holidays, evening roles, immediate start and much more. Give us a call in the office and we’d be happy to see if there’s something suitable for you right away.