Van drivers get a bad rap. Sometimes deservedly so, sometimes not.

So what makes a good driver? A good driver remembers he or she is a representative of the Company who are delivering the goods and also a representative of the Company where someone spent their hard earned cash. So a courteous manner, tidy appearance and a careful driving style all add up to make a driver the perfect corporate ambassador on your doorstep. The driver who tears around a housing estate scattering pedestrians in their path is not good!

Plan your route, ask your colleagues if they have anything to offer about road closures or short cuts. Nobody says being a van driver in today’s Great Britain with it’s decaying roads is easy but you can make it easier and more pleasurable with courtesy and timeliness. If you’re delivering somewhere that the sat-nav just doesn’t cut it, like a very rural area or a new housing estate then get in the habit of asking for directions. Your last drop could be the key to finding the next one more easily! With the right skills and attitude, being a delivery driver can be a profitable and enjoyable job!

If you’re interested in van driving as a career, as a stepping-stone to driving bigger vehicles or perhaps just to fill a gap between other jobs then please consider working as a Temp for an agency like Recruitment Solutions. Or better still, give us a call on 01392 430800.